Terms & Conditions

1.       Applications will be treated strictly in order of receipt and Yackandandah Public Halls Committee of Management reserves the right to refuse any application it deems unsuitable.

2.   The Hirer shall, at all times, during the agreed term be the holder of a current Public Liability Policy of Insurance for no less than $10 million dollars. Evidence of this insurance must be provided to the Booking Officer before the hire period commences. In the event that the casual Hirer does not have their own insurance, cover may be obtained through Indigo Shire Council by completing a Community Liability Pack Request Form – see Hire Information for a link to this form. This cover is only available to casual hirers and cannot be extended to Schools, Sporting Clubs & Organisations who must carry their own Public Liability Insurance. It is not available to applicants who wish to hire the Hall for consecutive days.

3.       An inspection of the Hall/Facilities prior to booking is advised to ensure the facilities meet the requirements of the event.

4.       The relevant bond is to be paid when a firm booking of the venue is confimed, the hire fee is due one week before collecting the keys for the event.

5.       Any cancellation of a booking must be made 14 days prior to the event otherwise a cancellation fee of $100 will be levied.

6.      The Hall facilities cannot be sublet and may only be used for the activities stated on the booking form.

7.       The Hirer shall leave the premises in a thoroughly clean and tidy condition, all chairs and tables returned to the place/s in which they were found and all fixtures/fittings in good order and condition. Bins are provided for use by the Hirers, all excess rubbish must be removed prior to 10.00 am the day following the event failure to do so will incur an additional charge.

8.       Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management reserves the right to make an additional charge due to damage to any equipment used e.g.; table and chairs and any excess cleaning costs.

9.       All items must remain in the Public Hall/Court House and are not to be removed from the premises unless authorised to do so by a member of the Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management. These assets are not available for hire separately.

10.   The Hirer shall take all reasonable precautions against any loss or damage to the premises by fire. Gas cylinders explosive devices & portable gas heaters are not permitted on the premises. No items should be placed in the path of designated fire exits, extinguishers or fire hoses. Permission must be sought from Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management for the use of smoke machines.

11.   The seals on the fire hose reels and extinguishers must remain intact or the Hirer will be liable for the resealing fee.

12.   Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management accepts no liability for loss or damage to any item brought in by the Hirer or their guests. All items should be removed at the end of the hire period. Items left behind may be disposed of as Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management deems fit.

13.    Entertainment music or amplified sound used in the hall shall comply with EPA regulations and shall not cause complaint or undue detriment to the amenity of the area. Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management has a designated contact for lighting and stage requirements.

14.    When leaving the building the Hirer must ensure that all doors and windows are locked, curtains and blinds are closed and heaters, fans, lights and kitchen stoves are turned off. The refrigerator must be cleared of all leftover food items. Any items left in the Kitchen area will be disposed of and a charge may be incurred for this removal.

15.   Bookings can only be made between 8 am and midnight.  An additional hour after midnight is available for cleaning up but the premises must be vacated by 1am.

16.   Liquor- Any function that has an ‘All Inclusive” charge or is selling liquor requires a liquor licence. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain this licence from Liquor Licensing Victoria – they can be contacted on 1300 650 367 or visit the website www.justice.vic.gov.au – alcohol. Such a licence must be displayed at the venue during the function and failure to do so will automatically prohibit liquor being consumed on the premises. This requirement is enforced by the local Police Officer.  A copy is to be provided to the booking officer before the event.

17.   Keys are to be returned to Yackandandah Indigo Shire Office no later than noon on the first working day after the event. Keys maybe returned out of business hours by posting them in the Library returns book shute to the left of shire office front door.

18.   Smoking is not allowed in/on the premises.

19.   No spitting, obscene or insulting language, disorderly behaviour or damage to property shall be permitted in any part of the building.

20.   No person shall bring any vehicle, bicycle, roller skates, roller blades or skateboard in to the building.  Prams and pushers for children and wheelchairs for disabled visitors are permitted.

21.   No animals are permitted in the Hall at any time with the exception of Guide Dogs and Service Dogs.

22.   Glitter, confetti and rice are not permitted.

23.   No items in the Hall/Courthouse are to be used, other than those agreed by Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management, for the specified event/activity.

24.   No additional fittings/electrical appliances and or audio equipment can be installed without prior consent from Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management.

25.   Permission must be sought if the Hirer wishes to decorate the venue. Any posters/decorations may only be permitted in a location and manner that will not cause damage and by agreement. No blue tack or sticky tape is permitted on painted surfaces.

26.  Fixings of any kind to the walls or ceilings must be approved by the Committee of Management beforehand. Repair of any kind of damage caused by unauthorised fixings will be charged back to the user.

27.   No items are to be suspended, hung or otherwise attached to the ceiling lighting rig and no ladder is to be lent against the lighting rig at any time.

28.   Hirers must comply with any relevant legislation such as OH&S and Child Protection Legislation.

29.   All crockery and cutlery must be washed using the dishwasher. The Hirer will need to supply dishwashing items such as liquid, tea towels etc.

30.   If the Hirer commits permits or allows any breach in the observance of these terms and conditions, Yackandandah Halls Committee of Management may terminate permission to use the premises and the Hirer shall immediately vacate the premises and the security bond shall be forfeited.

31.   Refund of the Bond will be made following a satisfactory inspection and approval of the Hall by an appropriate person as designated by the Halls Committee of Management.

32.   All equipment in the Courthouse including chairs & tables & kitchen facilities are for your benefit and are included in the various hire costs. This is not the same for the Public Hall.

These conditions are authorised and current as at 23 July 2020 and apply to both the Public Hall and Court House.

Dan Carberry  (Chair, Yackandandah Public Halls Committee of Management)